Working Course Title: Prophetic Witness: 21st Century African American Church

To support multidisciplinary instructional and curricula delivery targeted at those engaged in ministry formation,  social justice organization and mobilization, public policy/ethical consultation.  The instructional design will have two foci: theoretical/ theological and praxis/practice.

Proposed modules include:

  1. Liberation Theology
  2. Womanist Theology
  3. Creating Justice Ministries
  4. Homiletics
  5. Theology of Sufficiency and Eco Justice
  6. Reparatory Justice and Reparations
  7. Interfaith Context
  8. African World Spiritualities
  9. African Origins of Christianity
  • Biblical Lexiconography
  • Journey to Justice – Palestine and Dalit
  • African Origins of Civilization (Stolen Legacy
  • From Transatlantic Slave Trade to Afrophobia (Role of Church
  • Christian Education
  • From Mass Incarnation to Mass Criminalization
  • Financing Ministries: Faith, God and Money

The two modules for Beta design and testing are:

  1. Liberation and Womanist Theologies
  2. Reparatory Justice/Reparations & Role of Church

Proposed Types of Content/Categories

  1. Sacred Texts
  2. Historical Proclamations
  3. Iconography/Visual Arts
  4. Biblio References (tied to SDPC Amazon % sales)
  5. Glossary
  6. Toolkits and Models of Ministry
  7. Music
  8. Prophetic Proclamations – Quotes/Papers
  9. Video
  • Church Proclamations/Declarations
  • Historical Time Line (Browder to Now cross generational narratives
  • Index Who What Where When
  • Comments Space
  • Blogs, Interactive Space
  • Inquiry or Questioning Narrator
  • Student Tracking/Posting Products
  • Liturgies – e.g. Maafa/Naming ceremonies

Targeted Market

This education platform is targeted at several audiences:

  • Schools of Religion/Divinity and seminaries
  • Church based educational centers
  • Community organizations engaged in justice advocacy and activism
  • Clergy and lay leaders engaged in continuing education
  • Global faith communities aligned with issues impacting people of African descent


Tech delivery/Inhouse team  (Julie and Angel)

Copy Editors  (Julie, Jeremiah Wright, Larita, Quincy)

Content specialists  (Jeremiah Wright, Iva, Quincy, Tiauna)

What the student experience should look/feel like?

  1. Engaging
  2. Interactive, efficient and clear accessibility
  3. Support student curation
  4. Multisensory
  5. Friendly


What faculty experience should look/feel like?

  1. Optional ways of student engagement
  2. Student tracking/accountability
  3. Clear protocols
  4. Ease of use
  5. Compatible interface and alignment with other systems
  6. Course integration tools for evaluation and documentation
  7. Friendly and ease of use

What Administrative experience should look/feel like?

  1. Case for return on investment
  2. Adheres to best practices and accreditation standards
  3. Provides appropriate levels of security
  4. Adherence to best practices and accreditation standards
  5. Provides case for account creation and management
  6. Clear and appropriate cost by tiers for targeted audiences
  7. Complimentary (non-competitive) to existing institutional academic structures
  8. Notes: Troubling Biblical Wates and Study Guide/ Harris, Black and Christian
  9. Retrieve Library archive 4533; Jackie acquisition of Archive